Saturday, October 30, 2010

Never mind and a GIVEAWAY if you're quick!!!

So never mind that my last post was the 4th of July, the 4TH OF JULY!!! Wow, time sure flies whether you're having fun or not ;)
It's all fun around here (x5) (HA!) and here are some pictures to prove it.... 

That last one quite possibly could be the Christmas picture this year.... we'll see... because you know how it goes at Christmas..... I coordinate all their outfits... and pick the perfect spot.....and the perfect day, weather wise.... and I sit this one here and that one there.... and fix the hair... and stand on my head and take 5000 pictures and none of them are quite right. This was much easier, plop them on the hay, say cheese, perfect picture. done in 20 seconds.
Only one little problem, it doesn't include this little bundle of fluff that we acquired while on vacation this summer (yes, that's right, while on vacation, talk about a kids best souvenir ever!!!)

He's a sweetheart really. I've always been a large dog kind of person but boy are the small dogs more manageable!! 
So I'm back and promise to post again before um......Christmas?! 
Really we have a lot of catching up to do.... be back soon!
And if you're really quick, hurry over to my new friend Rachel's blog for a fun giveaway from my fabric shop. Plus you'll thank me because she has a terrific blog(that she updates regularly, I'm jealous!) full of sewing and charity bees and well just lots of good stuff, you'll see! Here's the link:

HURRY!!! It ends tonight!