Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Yes, there is finally a winner!!!
Wow! What a sale! I've been swamped and have finally caught up, whew!!! Thank you, thank you! I was literally at my cutting table around the clock for days and days..... and days :)
I loved reading all of your Christmas traditions, so heartwarming. We have many Christmas traditions but I think my favorite is Christmas Eve. We stay at home all day making homemade ravioli. Yes, all 5 kids help and there ends up being ice skating on the hard wood floor due to all of the flour everywhere. It's a big huge mess but so very yummy and fun being together all day. After the clean up and delicious dinner, we go off to Midnight Mass which is just magical and peaceful and so special. *sigh*
Okay... I'm dreaming of Christmas and you guys are just wondering who the winner of the gorgeous velveteen is......so.... here you go, the winner is number 2, Joontoons! I will be in touch!

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Velvet Giveaway and Cyber Weekend Sale!!!

Hey everyone!
Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and now let the shopping begin!!!
My regular fabric shop, Sew Love Fabrics, is having a sale through Monday with everything 15% off!
My Christmas shop, Sew Love Christmas, is having a sale through Monday with everything 20% off!

And just cause I like you.... I thought I would throw in a GIVEAWAY :)
Just leave me a comment on this post and tell me about your favorite holiday tradition and you will be entered to win some of Anna Maria's Gorgeous Velveteen! A fat quarter of each print, 8 in all!!! If you make a purchase from either of my shops during the Sale, come back and leave me another comment, you'll get 2 chances to win! Good luck! I'll pick a winner on Tuesday the. last. day. of. November.... can you believe it??? (30 days til Christmas, in case you don't have 5 kids around reminding you daily :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas ideas galore!!!

Just in case you haven't seen this goodness from Amy, I bring you

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Never mind and a GIVEAWAY if you're quick!!!

So never mind that my last post was the 4th of July, the 4TH OF JULY!!! Wow, time sure flies whether you're having fun or not ;)
It's all fun around here (x5) (HA!) and here are some pictures to prove it.... 

That last one quite possibly could be the Christmas picture this year.... we'll see... because you know how it goes at Christmas..... I coordinate all their outfits... and pick the perfect spot.....and the perfect day, weather wise.... and I sit this one here and that one there.... and fix the hair... and stand on my head and take 5000 pictures and none of them are quite right. This was much easier, plop them on the hay, say cheese, perfect picture. done in 20 seconds.
Only one little problem, it doesn't include this little bundle of fluff that we acquired while on vacation this summer (yes, that's right, while on vacation, talk about a kids best souvenir ever!!!)

He's a sweetheart really. I've always been a large dog kind of person but boy are the small dogs more manageable!! 
So I'm back and promise to post again before um......Christmas?! 
Really we have a lot of catching up to do.... be back soon!
And if you're really quick, hurry over to my new friend Rachel's blog for a fun giveaway from my fabric shop. Plus you'll thank me because she has a terrific blog(that she updates regularly, I'm jealous!) full of sewing and charity bees and well just lots of good stuff, you'll see! Here's the link:

HURRY!!! It ends tonight!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sale Extended :)

Hi there,
Just popping in to let you know the Summer Sidewalk Sale has been extended through July 15th. It is going well and I've been gracing the garbage men with lots of empty cardboard bolts :) Hooray!!
The Christmas fabrics are still pouring in and I'm looking forward to Meadowsweet 2 this month!
Wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sidewalk Sale 2010

Hi everyone,

Well.... I'm at it again!! Time for my Summer Sidewalk Sale even though it won't be summer for a few more days! I've cleaned out the closet in my studio again and listed some "one of a kind" sets in my shop (just search OOAK in my shop to find them) and some great fabric remnants. I'm also having a HUGE sale... in my sale section :)

**For every 3 yards (or items) you purchase in the sale section, you get one FREE. **

Go check out my shop for details, sale will run through the month or until my sale section has made room for all the Christmas fabric that is pouring in!! I plan on reopening the Christmas shop at the end of July/ beginning of August.
And how about this for the cutest Christmas fabric ever... 2-D Zoo by Alexander Henry all decked out in Christmas colors, sweet! Here are some more sneak peeks :)

Happy Shopping!

Friday, May 28, 2010

We have a winner!!!

Hey everyone!
We have a winner, it's been a super crazy week around here with Weekends and Playdate coming in and then the Christmas collections are starting to roll in. Mix that with the end of the school year and a silly spring cold....well that's where I've been. Thanks for hanging in there! We do have a winner, #14, Lisa!
Lucky girl is getting a nice stash of Poodle :)

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Thanks for participating faithful blog readers! If you left a comment on the giveaway post, I'm offering a 15% discount from my shop until June 4th! Just mention the giveaway in the "note to seller" when you check out and I'll refund the discount when I print out your shipping label.
Have a great weekend!!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Giveaway Day Second Chance

Hey everyone,
Just popping in with a reminder... you have one more day to enter for a second chance....I'm picking another winner tomorrow :) Pop down to the post below for details and to leave a comment. It was very, very cool to be featured on Jennifer Paganelli's blog.
And because I can't post without a photo, here's the Little Miss, all cleaned up from the garden in her poodle outfit.

Friday, May 21, 2010

We have a winner!!!

Thanks everyone for entering my giveaway and for leaving such nice, nice comments! I'm glad you came back to see who won because you know I usually have a consolation prize! More on that in a minute, first our winner of the Hunky Dory set is #316 Sarah. Congratulations Sarah!! And here's what I've been doing while you've been blog surfing :) I've been playing with Poodle, Jennifer Paganelli's latest collection. Jennifer has a magical way of tying in one collection to all the previous collections so they can be mixed and matched. 
My little model was too dirty from playing in the garden to try it on so the tree had to do! I used the Candy Shoppe Twirl Skirt  pattern from Rockstar Julie! Easy to sew and a great way to use up those charm squares!

Sooooo, do you want some Poodle to play with too?? Leave a comment on this post... you know me by now, no jumping through hoops and tweet here and mention this and then add me to Facebook friends and then stand on your head and do a double twirl and come back and...blablabla...
I know you have no time for that, just leave a comment, tell me something nice and I'll pick another winner (maybe I'll have Jennifer pick a winner) on Tuesday May 25th!
Here's your prize, a fat quarter set of the WHOLE collection! See, aren't you glad you came back??
xo Ruth

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Giveaway Day is here again!!

Last day of the Kids Clothes Challenge, first day of Giveaway Day!!
I finished a couple more outfits for the Kids Clothes Week over at elsiemarley.com. Thanks Meg, that was fun and I was happy to turn out some kids clothes faster than I would have otherwise!
I made a couple "Ava" outfits, one for my Lili and one for her sweetie cousin's birthday. Here she is modeling them.
Hers first with Nicey Jane fabric (excuse the glaring sun)....

And here she is rocking her cousins...

Pretty Philip Jacobs fabric with some soft lavender from Annette Tatum :)

And now the details for Giveaway Day! Up for grabs this time around is a half yard set from the Hunky Dory collection from Chez Moi. You will receive the 6 half yards pictured below. All I ask is that you check out my shop and come back and leave a comment about your favorite fabric. A winner will be chosen randomly on May 20th. International friends are welcome to participate :)
Good luck everyone!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010


I did it, I really did! Sewing with the laminated cotton wasn't exactly a walk in the park but was much easier than I anticipated. I was able to use the regular needle on my machine and really didn't make any adjustments at all. My dear Bernina handled it quite well. The only advice I would give is that you have to pin, pin, pin because it doesn't "ease" well. And obviously it can't be ironed so that took some getting used to since I like to press like crazy!
It was fun to choose fabrics, I was inspired by the book and the author's saying "Fabrics that do not "match" match when they are sewn together." I pulled a little Amy and then added some Anna and threw in some fun trims.
The jacket is lined with flannel which worked out well because I felt like I could try the pattern on the lining and then repeat it on the laminate. Basically it was like making two jackets. Lots and lots of topstitching for sure!
I'll leave you with a ton of photos cause I'm just a little bit..... who am I kidding, flipping happy about the way it turned out! And so is the middle daughter :)
Thanks Emma, I would have never attempted it without your faith in me!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stretching my sewing skills!!

Happy Mother's Day!! I hope you got as smothered as I did with love and handmade goodies! Not sure what is better, the handmade gifts made at school or the excitement of the child giving it. Our first grader came home Friday barely containing her excitement and had to hurry and hide her gift for me until Sunday.
So, so cute!!

Next up, it's already day 2 of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge! I stumbled upon this website last week just in time to sign up. No big rules, just sew for an hour every day this week. I can do that :) She has a ton of great tutorials too so be sure to check it out. My only fear is the project that I'm working on might take the whole week! It all started with this book~

It arrived in the mail and we gushed over all the pretty clothes and I put it on the stack with all my other books.
It didn't stay there long.
The following conversation took place next

middle daughter ~ Mom
me ~ yes dear
middle daughter ~ what are you going to do with all those rolls of fabric, you know the ones with that coating on them?
me ~ you mean the laminated cottons?
middle daughter ~ yes, that's it...are you just going to sell it all and not make anything with it??
me ~ (uh oh, she actually wants me to sew with that stuff??)  um, well maybe I'll make some placemats.
( Yes, nice rectangular placemats)
middle daughter~ you know I need a new rain coat? and that new book you got has a perfect patten in it.
me ~ ***gulp***

First she wants me to sew with fabric that is coated with plastic. Yikes.
Then she wants me to use a European pattern that I have to add on the seam allowances to all the pattern pieces. And the directions are, well let's just say they don't walk you through every step like Patty does. Wow.
And did I mention that the pattern has a collar not a hood and that just won't do.
Just put a hood on it she tells me.
I'm in trouble.
will be a challenge.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Winner Winner What's for Dinner?

Hi everyone,
Sorry for keeping you on the edge of your seats there waiting to hear who won!! You guys totally rocked my sale, thank you, thank you! I have a whole wall of empty shelves just waiting for new stuff :)

I checked in with the random number generator and the number picked was #100. So Laura, you are our winner and I'll be contacting you shortly.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to leave a comment and for all the kind words and yummy dinner ideas! You're the best!!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Cleaning SALE and a GIVEAWAY

April 14 update~ Sale has ended, you can still enter a comment though for the giveaway. I'll be choosing a winner later today or tomorrow. Thanks everyone!

Time for a sale, time to clean off the shelves and make room for the great new collections due to come out at Spring Quilt Market! Time to stock up for your Mothers Day and summer sewing projects!

Everything in my shop is 20% off.
Fabric, patterns, kits, even sale and clearance items!
Since it would take me a gazillion years to go in and mark down every item, this can work 2 ways:

1. Go ahead and check out and you will be refunded for your discount and any shipping overages when I print out your shipping label.

2. Send me a convo (Etsy email) at my shop with what you would like to purchase and I will set up a listing for you with the correct prices.

Sale ends on April 13th at midnight.

Now for the GIVEAWAY part of this post :)

~ You have one chance to win just by leaving a comment on this post. It could be anything... what you like in my shop.... what you're having for dinner (always looking for new ideas :).... how cute my kids are ;).... whatever you feel like telling me....
~ You can enter another comment for another chance to win by mentioning my sale on your blog or Twitter or Facebook. Whatever, just help spread the word!
~ You can enter another comment for yet another chance to win by making a purchase during my sale, just come back and leave a comment that you did.

And now for the prize! The winner will be chosen shortly after the sale ends and will receive:

~ The Smarty Girl Bag sewing pattern by Heather Bailey
~ All of the Nicey Jane fabric needed to make the purse on the front cover and
~ A $25.00 gift card for my shop to use on anything you would like :)

Good luck everyone and Happy Shopping/Sewing!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

yesterday and Today

yesterday ~ I thought about how I should start exercising and knock off eating all the Easter left overs...
Today ~ I walked two miles, did arm exercises, and 42 jumping jacks.

yesterday ~ I ate three servings of Special K for breakfast and two sugar cookies for lunch...
Today ~ I had one serving, yes even measured it to see what the heck one serving looked like and took the time to slice some fresh strawberries on top.

yesterday ~ I felt sluggish and tired and was in the "less I do the more tired I am" rut...
Today ~ I am filled with energy.

yesterday ~ I was too busy feeling tired to pray.
Today ~ I prayed the Rosary as I walked and am filled with hope.

yesterday ~ I got out my shorts and my favorite pair doesn't. quite. fit.
Today ~ I'm telling you that they will fit by Memorial Day. So that you can remind me. And demand a photo of me in. those. shorts. on Memorial Day. Demand it I tell you!

Are you in a rut? Get up, get out, get moving with me!! It feels great!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Hi all!
Absence makes the heart grow fonder right?? It's been a while, I know...
I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Blessed Easter! Ours was beautiful the whole way around, from the Vigil Mass, to the egg and basket hunt, to the weather, warm and sunny. Hope yours was too!

I promise... no more pictures of snow from me... at least not any time soon ;) It's all gone, the flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and the flip flops are back on! I've been busy spring cleaning and will be announcing a sale in my shop soon... give me a day or so. I owe you patient friends a giveaway too and have it all ready, just need to snap a photo. It's a good one, perfect for spring :)
Be back soon. Promise.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Has anyone seen January?

I mean I lost it, really could this be well into February already?? Crazy, just crazy.  January is a big blur of birthdays x3  :)   and pneumonia x4 :(

And the weather, well this picture is before the 12 more inches that are piling up right now! That my friends was the mere 24 inches we had the other day.

No school.... three days now.
It kind of goes like this
play in snow, hot cocoa, bake something, sew a little, cook, eat, repeat :)

I had big plans on a New Years post with a picture a month....more for me to look back on than anything else but seems kind of silly...now that it's February!!! So I made a New Years collage, good enough.

Check in with me on Valentines Day. Plan to give something away....hopefully something I've made but if not then some fabric even though I know you're tired of me giving away fabric ;)
There's some great new stuff coming in...just listed Sugar in my shop. It's a pretty colorful line for spring/summer. Has me thinking of windows open, fresh air, and trips to the ice cream shop....in my flip flops! There's some new 2D Zoo colors and a great line, Wheels, that is fun for the little guys. My little guy, the one up there in the picture with no coat out in the snow (bad mommy), is getting a shirt made out of the 2D Zoo, he's crazy for elephants :)
That's about it for now, I'll leave you with a picture of something I've been sewing, a skirt for my niece, pretty and girly, just like her...


Friday, January 8, 2010

And MORE Snow!!

Hi there.... popping in with a few more snowy pictures to help cool off my friends in Australia, crazy hot over there! Our kids had three 2 hour delays this week and school was cancelled for today :)
Luckily I followed the salt truck the whole way to the post office and was able to get my orders out.

Be back soon with some sneak peeks of new fabrics coming out and hopefully my New Year's post....while the year is still new!!