Friday, May 28, 2010

We have a winner!!!

Hey everyone!
We have a winner, it's been a super crazy week around here with Weekends and Playdate coming in and then the Christmas collections are starting to roll in. Mix that with the end of the school year and a silly spring cold....well that's where I've been. Thanks for hanging in there! We do have a winner, #14, Lisa!
Lucky girl is getting a nice stash of Poodle :)

True Random Number Generator

Thanks for participating faithful blog readers! If you left a comment on the giveaway post, I'm offering a 15% discount from my shop until June 4th! Just mention the giveaway in the "note to seller" when you check out and I'll refund the discount when I print out your shipping label.
Have a great weekend!!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Giveaway Day Second Chance

Hey everyone,
Just popping in with a reminder... you have one more day to enter for a second chance....I'm picking another winner tomorrow :) Pop down to the post below for details and to leave a comment. It was very, very cool to be featured on Jennifer Paganelli's blog.
And because I can't post without a photo, here's the Little Miss, all cleaned up from the garden in her poodle outfit.

Friday, May 21, 2010

We have a winner!!!

Thanks everyone for entering my giveaway and for leaving such nice, nice comments! I'm glad you came back to see who won because you know I usually have a consolation prize! More on that in a minute, first our winner of the Hunky Dory set is #316 Sarah. Congratulations Sarah!! And here's what I've been doing while you've been blog surfing :) I've been playing with Poodle, Jennifer Paganelli's latest collection. Jennifer has a magical way of tying in one collection to all the previous collections so they can be mixed and matched. 
My little model was too dirty from playing in the garden to try it on so the tree had to do! I used the Candy Shoppe Twirl Skirt  pattern from Rockstar Julie! Easy to sew and a great way to use up those charm squares!

Sooooo, do you want some Poodle to play with too?? Leave a comment on this post... you know me by now, no jumping through hoops and tweet here and mention this and then add me to Facebook friends and then stand on your head and do a double twirl and come back and...blablabla...
I know you have no time for that, just leave a comment, tell me something nice and I'll pick another winner (maybe I'll have Jennifer pick a winner) on Tuesday May 25th!
Here's your prize, a fat quarter set of the WHOLE collection! See, aren't you glad you came back??
xo Ruth

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Giveaway Day is here again!!

Last day of the Kids Clothes Challenge, first day of Giveaway Day!!
I finished a couple more outfits for the Kids Clothes Week over at Thanks Meg, that was fun and I was happy to turn out some kids clothes faster than I would have otherwise!
I made a couple "Ava" outfits, one for my Lili and one for her sweetie cousin's birthday. Here she is modeling them.
Hers first with Nicey Jane fabric (excuse the glaring sun)....

And here she is rocking her cousins...

Pretty Philip Jacobs fabric with some soft lavender from Annette Tatum :)

And now the details for Giveaway Day! Up for grabs this time around is a half yard set from the Hunky Dory collection from Chez Moi. You will receive the 6 half yards pictured below. All I ask is that you check out my shop and come back and leave a comment about your favorite fabric. A winner will be chosen randomly on May 20th. International friends are welcome to participate :)
Good luck everyone!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010


I did it, I really did! Sewing with the laminated cotton wasn't exactly a walk in the park but was much easier than I anticipated. I was able to use the regular needle on my machine and really didn't make any adjustments at all. My dear Bernina handled it quite well. The only advice I would give is that you have to pin, pin, pin because it doesn't "ease" well. And obviously it can't be ironed so that took some getting used to since I like to press like crazy!
It was fun to choose fabrics, I was inspired by the book and the author's saying "Fabrics that do not "match" match when they are sewn together." I pulled a little Amy and then added some Anna and threw in some fun trims.
The jacket is lined with flannel which worked out well because I felt like I could try the pattern on the lining and then repeat it on the laminate. Basically it was like making two jackets. Lots and lots of topstitching for sure!
I'll leave you with a ton of photos cause I'm just a little bit..... who am I kidding, flipping happy about the way it turned out! And so is the middle daughter :)
Thanks Emma, I would have never attempted it without your faith in me!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stretching my sewing skills!!

Happy Mother's Day!! I hope you got as smothered as I did with love and handmade goodies! Not sure what is better, the handmade gifts made at school or the excitement of the child giving it. Our first grader came home Friday barely containing her excitement and had to hurry and hide her gift for me until Sunday.
So, so cute!!

Next up, it's already day 2 of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge! I stumbled upon this website last week just in time to sign up. No big rules, just sew for an hour every day this week. I can do that :) She has a ton of great tutorials too so be sure to check it out. My only fear is the project that I'm working on might take the whole week! It all started with this book~

It arrived in the mail and we gushed over all the pretty clothes and I put it on the stack with all my other books.
It didn't stay there long.
The following conversation took place next

middle daughter ~ Mom
me ~ yes dear
middle daughter ~ what are you going to do with all those rolls of fabric, you know the ones with that coating on them?
me ~ you mean the laminated cottons?
middle daughter ~ yes, that's it...are you just going to sell it all and not make anything with it??
me ~ (uh oh, she actually wants me to sew with that stuff??)  um, well maybe I'll make some placemats.
( Yes, nice rectangular placemats)
middle daughter~ you know I need a new rain coat? and that new book you got has a perfect patten in it.
me ~ ***gulp***

First she wants me to sew with fabric that is coated with plastic. Yikes.
Then she wants me to use a European pattern that I have to add on the seam allowances to all the pattern pieces. And the directions are, well let's just say they don't walk you through every step like Patty does. Wow.
And did I mention that the pattern has a collar not a hood and that just won't do.
Just put a hood on it she tells me.
I'm in trouble.
will be a challenge.