Sunday, June 28, 2009

My New Best Friend

My new best friend drives a VW :)
My computer got fried recently during a bad storm.
Threw me back a bit and I'm still trying to copy everything onto my new computer. If you emailed me and I haven't responded, better resend it. Luckily the geek squad came to the rescue. The kids thought I made up the name when I mentioned the Geek Squad was coming to help me with the computer. Imagine the snickering going on when the poor guy pulled up in this with his badge on :0
I had to refrain from asking him if they really made them wear the white socks with the shiny black dress shoes. I mean really. He was great though, totally let me pick his brain and ask him a bazillion questions.
It's all working out for the best, I was in need of a new computer anyway and am loving my new that I almost know how to use it....almost....

Anyway, more exciting things now, like back to sewing talk. Have you been quilting along with Dana at the Old Red Barn Co.? I have and it's been fun! It's not too late to start (believe me, I'm no where near caught up) She has been giving weekly instructions on making a quilt. One step at a time, week by week. At the very least I hope you've been entering the fabulous giveaways that she is doing. This week is the grand finale sewing machine giveaway. Then there's a little secret giveaway. It involves my shop. That's all I'm saying. Really. Only other thing I'm saying is you better check back in a week or so. You think my SewMamaSew giveaway was good, that was nuthin' !
Here are some pictures of my progress. I used Valori Well's Del Hi fabric with Paula Prass' Rain Dot. I wanted it to be summery, I'm thinking picnic blanket hopefully while it's still summer...this summer ;)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Love these guys!!

Way to go Pens!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

hello goodbye doll

When going through all of the comments from the Sew Mama Sew contest, I came across a website on someone elses blog, Craft Hope. Now I'm all about hope, our youngest daughters middle name is Hope, her first name is Lili which pretty much means Hope and a lot of time it is hope that gets us through, right? So I click on the Craft Hope badge and it takes me to the most wonderful site. Their motto is "spreading seeds of hope, one stitch at a time." Now this I love!

In their "about" page reads the following, "Craft Hope is a faith-based, love inspired project designed to share handmade crafts with those less fortunate. It is our hope to combine our love for crafting and desire to help others into a project to make a difference around the world."

So their last project was making dolls for children in Nicaragua. Although there were only days left before the dolls were due in, I knew I had to make a doll to send. So here is Lucy. And she is on her way filled with all the love that we could possibly stuff her with. and hope. lots and lots of hope.

Their next project will be announced on June 14th, so please click on the badge over there on the right and I'll be giving updates here as well.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New giveaway going on at Venezie Bags! Go check it out and enter!!
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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

some sewing for Lili

Just wanted to pop in with a quick post as the final school days are winding down and keeping me busier than my normal busy! I finished up this skirt for our youngest daughter Lili. I used mostly Tina Givens and Amy Butler prints and the PinkFig pattern, the Mish Mash skirt. It was fun to put together :)

Monday, June 1, 2009


Jeez, wow, oh my gosh and are you kidding me????? I mean, are you kidding me??? 703 comments?? I feel like Anna Maria Horner with all those comments!

Thank you, thank you, all of you nice people that took the time to enter the giveaway and for all the kind words and support. I am very grateful and read each and every one of them. I hope that you check in with me often, especially if you like giveaways, cause I do too! And thank you SewMamaSew for hosting and organizing this fun event.

Now let's talk about the consolation prize first :) If you left a comment, I am offering a 15% discount on your order at my shop until June 5th. Just enter the code GIVEAWAYDAY in the "note to seller" at check out and I will credit you back for 15% of your order before shipping cost.
And now to the winners :) Of course, with 5 kids we had to turn this into a math problem! Each child chose a number and then we got the average of..... 187 , comment left by kathytypestoo.

And just to prove to the first person that left a comment, Jennifer, that it not unlucky to be first, I'm giving you a set too :) Because I feel like it. Please contact me.