Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Love these guys!!

Way to go Pens!!!


Amy said...

When we lived in the 'burgh, my husband & I would go see the Pens play at the Igloo. Boy, I miss that. My son just went to his second ice skating lesson this past Saturday......maybe he'll kiss the cup one day!

Wendy P said...

You are a Pittsburgh fan??? I am not alone in the world of sewing and violent sports? I must be dreaming!

I will have to follow your blog now. I am a born and bred Steeler Fan and everyone thinks I am a complete contradiction. Sewing frilly, pretty quilts and aprons, etc, then becoming obsessed with the NFL every year.

So glad I was led to your blog by the Old Red Barn Co.

Joy said...

You must be from Pittsburgh! Me too. Where do you buy your fabric locally? joyturner24@hotmail.com