Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winner Winner Spaghetti Dinner Part 2

Thanks so much for warming my heart with all your kind words. You did come back, you did! And thanks for all the birthday wishes for our little guy, so sweet of you. He's outside right now enjoying some snow fun with his siblings.
And to answer a couple questions I was blog banner is a photo of a bowl that sits next to my desk, just a bunch of vintage goodies for inspiration. Right now it holds some Christmas pretties. 
And someone commented on my profile that they didn't know what "anthro" was. Well here you go,, best store. ever.
And a winner, yes, the winner. Randomly chosen by a random kid asked to pick a random number. No need for the Random Number Generator website here :)
Our winner is Susana, who commented,
See? Way more than two!
Happy birthday to your little one!
Something nice: my baby girl (she's just shy of one) just waved hi to your boy's picture.
Congratulations Susana, I will be in touch!!
And thank you again everyone...I'm inspired to post more now that I know you're out there.
Here are a few more snippets of Christmas around our house. Enjoy the last few days of preparation...I'm off to make hot cocoa for some snowy kids.


Jenny said...

congratulations susana!! lucky lady! merry christmas all!

c'est Moi! the tink-n-frog said...

Congrats to Susana! I love your stockings they are wonderful? And I love your wee bowl of inspiration. A great idea!

brusselsprouts said...

I would love a white christmas, its 40degrees here in Oz!! Merry Christmas :)

Fiesta said...

Ruth beautiful decor. The Anthropology shop is one of my favorite too.

Susana said...

Hi! Merry Christmas! I won!Yay! Thanks so much, and for all the congrats, too. I'll be sure to put all that lovely fabric to good use!

I'm all out of exclamation marks, btw, and very jealous of both the snow and anthropologie. Also, hot cocoa, but I can do something about that.

Ruth said...

Hi Susana,
Please contact me with your selections, I keep trying to email you but must have the wrong address :(
Hope to hear from you soon!