Monday, November 21, 2011

Black WEEK Sale

Instead of having a Cyber Weekend Sale like last year I've decided to extend it for the whole week :)
Everything in my shop is 20% off today through next Monday, November 28th.
I need to reduce inventory to make room for, yes, the SPRING collections!!

And not that I would consider myself a regular blogger by any means.... the reason I've been away for so long is that it has been difficult to come back here after my last post. See, the last time I posted, that evening my mother had a massive heart attack. Long, long story short, it was a long recovery but she is back in her home now and doing well.
And I'm thankful.
Very thankful.

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Jessica Blankenship said...

All bloggers have probably had something similar happen. Something in their personal life overcome their ability to do anything else. My grandmother was diagnosed with brain cancer in nov. last year and I just got back on here last month sometime.
I'm your newest follower, would love a follow back.