Wednesday, April 7, 2010

yesterday and Today

yesterday ~ I thought about how I should start exercising and knock off eating all the Easter left overs...
Today ~ I walked two miles, did arm exercises, and 42 jumping jacks.

yesterday ~ I ate three servings of Special K for breakfast and two sugar cookies for lunch...
Today ~ I had one serving, yes even measured it to see what the heck one serving looked like and took the time to slice some fresh strawberries on top.

yesterday ~ I felt sluggish and tired and was in the "less I do the more tired I am" rut...
Today ~ I am filled with energy.

yesterday ~ I was too busy feeling tired to pray.
Today ~ I prayed the Rosary as I walked and am filled with hope.

yesterday ~ I got out my shorts and my favorite pair doesn't. quite. fit.
Today ~ I'm telling you that they will fit by Memorial Day. So that you can remind me. And demand a photo of me in. those. shorts. on Memorial Day. Demand it I tell you!

Are you in a rut? Get up, get out, get moving with me!! It feels great!


Anonymous said...

I'm totally in a rut..need to get back into my healthy walking routine, but haven't found the gumption to just get moving!

you do have to reach that internal part of you that is really ready to commit....just not there yet...but you are an inspiring soul!
thanks for sharing!

ciao bella

Katy said...

After being laid-off about a month ago...I am totally in a rut! I feel a change coming tho and am very ready for it!! Absolutely loved your post!


Miss Prickly said...

Perfect! I'm going for a walk today, even if it's on the treadmill after the kids go to bed. Thanks for the inspiration.

Laura said...

I know you can do it....I am right there with you. I know what it's like to need to lose a few pounds. For the last 12 years I was 100 pounds overweight. Two years ago I decided one day to do something about it. I joined Weightwatchers and after 54 weeks of sticking to the great plan. I changed my eating habits and lost 103 pounds. Now I feel great and love having more energy.
P.S. I love your fabrics and have bought lots of yards from you.
Have a great day,