Friday, February 25, 2011

Let's play catch up, Part one :)

Well! First let me say Merry Christmas... Happy New Year... Happy Valentines Day!
Such a naughty, bad blogger I've been! I do write blog posts, I should say I think of blog posts, lots of them, but don't find the time to type them down. Worst part is once it's been so long trying to jump back in but here goes....
shop news:
*Just marked items in my Christmas shop way down for a final sale and listed some one of a kind sets. I'll close up the Christmas shop on March 1st and then will reopen late summer/ early fall for next season. Already have loads of new stuff ordered and will show some sneak peeks once it starts rolling in during May :)
** I have a bunch of ooak sets for my regular shop too and will get those listed next week... I'll let you know the exact day/time, they always get snatched up right away because they are seriously priced to sell!
** Have you heard Joel Dewberry is coming out with Aviary 2?? The first collection was wildly popular and this one is sure to be too. The birds will be back in 6 gorgeous colors. I have the whole collection ordered and can't wait for it to come in. Here's a few...

Swoon, right? 
Okay since this is getting longish... will be back tomorrow with family news (there's a new addition) and sewing news :) 

xo Ruth
p.s. Don't be ridiculous, the new addition is not human!

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