Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stretching my sewing skills!!

Happy Mother's Day!! I hope you got as smothered as I did with love and handmade goodies! Not sure what is better, the handmade gifts made at school or the excitement of the child giving it. Our first grader came home Friday barely containing her excitement and had to hurry and hide her gift for me until Sunday.
So, so cute!!

Next up, it's already day 2 of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge! I stumbled upon this website last week just in time to sign up. No big rules, just sew for an hour every day this week. I can do that :) She has a ton of great tutorials too so be sure to check it out. My only fear is the project that I'm working on might take the whole week! It all started with this book~

It arrived in the mail and we gushed over all the pretty clothes and I put it on the stack with all my other books.
It didn't stay there long.
The following conversation took place next

middle daughter ~ Mom
me ~ yes dear
middle daughter ~ what are you going to do with all those rolls of fabric, you know the ones with that coating on them?
me ~ you mean the laminated cottons?
middle daughter ~ yes, that's it...are you just going to sell it all and not make anything with it??
me ~ (uh oh, she actually wants me to sew with that stuff??)  um, well maybe I'll make some placemats.
( Yes, nice rectangular placemats)
middle daughter~ you know I need a new rain coat? and that new book you got has a perfect patten in it.
me ~ ***gulp***

First she wants me to sew with fabric that is coated with plastic. Yikes.
Then she wants me to use a European pattern that I have to add on the seam allowances to all the pattern pieces. And the directions are, well let's just say they don't walk you through every step like Patty does. Wow.
And did I mention that the pattern has a collar not a hood and that just won't do.
Just put a hood on it she tells me.
I'm in trouble.
will be a challenge.


mab said...

Go for it! I have some gorgeous fabric that I've been trying to decide what to cut into. I finally decided on some fun jammies for myself. Sure, it's a simple pattern, but I haven't sewn clothes since a disastrous attempt in elementary school. So, as I stretch a little in sewing this week, I'll think of you. Can't wait to see pics of the completed (hooded) raincoat!

Lori said...

How exciting! Be sure to post pictures when you finish it!

Amy said...

Give it a go! It is really helpful to use a teflon foot to sew laminated cottons, oilcloth, or plastic. If you don't have one (or are too frugal - like me) you can also attach a small piece of blue painters tape to the bottom of your presser foot. Works like a charm :)

Laura said...

I am positive that it will turn out great....hood and all. Please post a picture when you are finished. I only have boys at home and cannot make raincoats....

Heather said...

Yum! The book looks like it's full of delicious fabrics...eye candy at it's best! I love to sew and I adore your blog picture :)

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